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Astrology in polar regions and on the southern hemisphere

Here in the South hemisphere the zodiacal signs are also able to be adapted seasonally with Capricorn being dry or. Sundance, thanks for that very considered, thoughtful response. Yes, if you can locate that thread, i'd be very interested, especially since it comes so highly endorsed! Also, i didn't know this before: Quote:. I was hoping to start a thread on astrology and statistics but haven't been able to, so I think we should start one soon. Its what the article you linked was talking about when it referred to signs of long and short ascension.

And there are lots of other implications and biases in charts: more people are born in the morning before sunrise because we have evolved that way, if full moons are periods of stress there might be a difference in numbers of births on the moon cycle, or more people are born in spring as we have evolved to raise children when food is plentiful. I'd like to discuss those things some time. So if more people are born in the northern hemisphere with Scorpio Asc, then more Scorpio suns will be double scorpios compared to other signs.

I think this is a subject ripe for statistical research Great theory Sundance, how can I help with the stats? Very interresting subject. Sundance -- Would this area of interest be called "anthroastrology", maybe "ethnoastrology"? I am so glad this thread has been revitalised. Being from New zealand this affects me alot. My concern is in regards to house systems and their relevance to the southern hemisphere. All the major house systems have been based on the northern hemisphere and when they are applied to the southern hemisphere they give very distorted houses.

Now I dont believe that the answer is as simple as using the equal house system because even with this we end up getting the midheaven anywhere from the beginning of the 9th house through to the end of the 11th. This is even worse the further south you go. Hey even those who live at the poles deserve accurate charts right? When i get some more time i will dig up the notes i did on this topic and post again. Rogue red. Comments are not to be taken as fact.

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Kaiousei no Senshi. Does it really give distorted houses for the Southern hemisphere? I guess I was sort of under the impression that the farther you went from the equator - either way - distorted it the same. Find all posts by Kaiousei no Senshi. Here is some stuff from other threads relating to this topic. Ascending signs are all about the same near the equator but as you move toward the polar regions they vary considerably with Pisces and Aries taking 30 min for Northern lats and 2hrs20min for southern lats, Aquarius and Taurus 45 min N.

Lat, cap gem 1 hr 30 min N. Lat, Leo Virgo lib scorp 3hr 15 N. Maximum variation for the most northern latitudes is 2 hours 45 min and in the south its 1 hr If we go further south say to Murmansk there is no ascending sign at all! Secondly there are far too many variables to consider before saying that because a certain sign rises slower that there should be more people born with that sign rising.

More women go into labour during the night hours of a. Also statistically year after year more americans are born during august and september than any other time during the year. Gaer wrote this Quote:. I'm still not sure if it does distort more in the south than in the north How can we find out?

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Shall we cast some charts in various lattitudes? Scorpio Rock: I guess we should start a new thread for all the statistical studies, would be interesting to see what comes up. Will think about it and let you know, but feel free to do your own research in the mean time James: This is conjecture, but I was thinking if Virgo, Libra and Scorpio are all taking their time to rise, then the chart will rotate slowly when they are rising. So if there is an Aries sun, it is more likely that the sign of Aries itself will be setting, as if Libra takes a long time to rise, Aries will be taking a long time to set.

So I thought maybe there will be a larger than average number of Aries suns in the 7th or 6th houses. And this makes sense as we know that in the winter in the northern hemisphere the sun spends way more time below the horizon than above it. And no matter what the sun sign there might always be another rise in births with the sun in houses 1 and 2 because of the sunrise thing. So the combined effect might be alot of Virgos and Libras with suns in houses 1 and 2? But this is all very imperfect. For one it depends on the house system. And I think charts are erected by finding the MC first, so maybe it will be more accurate if we look at the long signs on the MC.

They will naturally be on the MC during the summer as this is when the days are longest.

RedRogue wrote: Quote:. Lol as for a name for this type of astrology But we should make it quirky so its memorable. What would Don Draper call it? Sundance -- thanks for that explanation. But we never applied it to topics as interesting as this, so. Oh yes Rogue mentioned caesarians before as well- you're right its very important. I guess that would even out some odds.

Astrology, the southern hemisphere and the evolution of the psyche.

But I think we can use it to our advantage: if the average caesarian occurs around noon then we might expect another double effect If Virgo and Libra are rising when the sun is near the MC point, then there will be a larger than average number of births with suns near the MC. If we add in the increase in caesarian births at this time of day it will boost this number. And conversely the use of caesareans will make it less likely that Capricorns and Sagittarians will have the sun in any part of the chart, because the effects might cancel each other out more.

Something avant-garde Or something melodramatic like the Apocalypto Effect. That would make sure people read up on it. The called these scientists "ethnobiologists" because they took into account geographical and cultural factors psychology, diet, etc. The deleted word rhymed with "crude", not with "bucked". Is "to 'crude' up" really offensive??? If so, I sure do apologize, ma'am! I had no idea!

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Whilst the Sun is in the Southern Hemisphere it traverses Libra, Scorpio, It is the dead of winter in the Northern Hemisphere and as most astrologers are from . But what happens in the southern hemisphere where the seasons are Australian astrologers use the same charts that we do here up north.

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source site Remember Me? Have you read the FAQ? Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere. Natal Astrology A place to discuss yours and others' birth charts after you post your own birth chart interpretation. Page 1 of 2. Thread Tools. Join Date: Sep Posts: Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere I'm curious as to how the meanings of the signs of the zodiac fit in with the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere. Find all posts by holly. Join Date: Jun Location: A green and pleasant land.

Posts: 2, Re: Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere What an interesting question! Visit archergirl's homepage! Re: Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere Well, in case anybody is interested, after much thought I believe I have come up with some sort of answer as to how the meanings of signs can be the same despite the differences in season between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

Re: Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere i think this topic deserves renewed inspection. Quote: Ptolemy started out with the two signs Cancer and Leo, because these are where the Sun is in its northernmost passage, in the Northern Hemisphere's summer, when there is the greatest heat. Then he took the opposite signs, Capricorn and Aquarius and assigned them to Saturn, because the Sun's passage through these signs marks the coldest time of the year, and Saturn, the farthest visible planet from the Sun, is to astrologers cold in nature.

Although Ptolemy discussed the similarities of the signs and their ruling planets to some extent, it is clear from his discussion that similarity of symbolism was not the main concern. The main concern was the neat schema. All went well for about 1, years, until Uranus was discovered Find all posts by james. Re: Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere I think even if Ptolemy based his dignities on the weather, a modernist approach would base the planets on a certain symbolism that could potentially be unitary. ScorpiosRock Senior Member. Re: Astrology for the Southern Hemisphere Very valid question.

Quote: Originally Posted by james This will be my google project this evening, if i can, to find out what's been written about Astrology in the Southern Hemisphere. Find all posts by ScorpiosRock. Here in the South hemisphere the zodiacal signs are also able to be adapted seasonally with Capricorn being dry or Cancer being wet.

Cancer is still touchy and sensitive even when it falls in the dead of the southern hemisphere winter. Dharmaruci explains it well:.

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Modern knowledge is based on the application of reason to what are called facts. What is seen is profoundly influenced by the mind that is seeing.

And the mind thinks symbolically, whether it understands that or not. A scientific fact or theory may seem to be just that on paper. But if it is a significant fact or theory, then our mind does something else with it. That idea acquires power, it comes to stand for something. Like what you're reading?

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Pretty important question, perhaps the most important, especially for me and my friends and enemies, as Reason reaches the last moments of its bout with Instinct in old age. It is obvious from your agonized cycles of inspiration and disillusionment that you see your mission as bringing the world together. Traditional Bone Reading. The Nodes of the Moon refer to two points in space where the orbit of the moon around the earth intersects with the orbit of the Earth around the Sun. Which appellate judge?

Sign up for Lynn's free monthly Planetary Illuminations report. The twelve signs are named after the twelve constellations that we see the Sun travel through.

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But the twelve signs are nicely packaged into neat 30 degree segments, and in reality the constellations do not fit so neatly into that package. I disagree with Canadian born and raised Brian Clark about Capricorn. In Australia this is a high summer sign and manifests differently than in the mid to high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, where it is a cold winter sign. Northern Hemisphere astrologers born in these latitudes have a lot of difficulty separating the seasonal manifestation of the signs from the signs themselves.

Thanks for your comment, Alice — but I would argue with you on several points. Well, the Sun sign certainly colours the physical appearance to quite a degree, though the Ascendant, its duad and planetary aspects to the Ascendant have the major note. I used sun signs for examples because I originally wrote the article for a magazine, but the same process applies to the Ascendant. For example, Capricorn rising tends to produce a big body with big hands and feet in the Southern Hemisphere..

I wrote the whole article to emphasis that point, with an illustration to explain why and how the standard zodiac will work throughout the whole world. Does astrology work in the southern hemisphere? Dharmaruci explains it well: Modern knowledge is based on the application of reason to what are called facts.

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